Our top 5 Christmas themed unicorn items for 2018

Finding Christmas themed unicorn items could be difficult and fun. There are tons out there, yet only a few are good to have or give. We found 5 items that you might like.

There so many amazing gifts for unicorn lovers this Christmas holiday, it is a fun time to shop around and look for Christmas themed unicorn items. 
Christmas Unicorn Pattern Crew Socks Stockings
It's Christmas and its cold, crew socks stockings is one of the most common thing that people love to wear to showcase their own fashionable style. Our first item on the list is a cute green Christmas unicorn pattern. There is a unicorn with a scarf underneath the mistletoe, Christmas candy, stars and other related items. Beyond the pattern, these socks are comfortable to wear. You or you're friend who loves unicorn, would surely be in love with this one and might even wear it beyond the Christmas season.

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Believe Unicorn Ugly Christmas Holiday Sweater
Christmas sweater is usually made fun of during this holiday period, but with this item you can be proud to be a unicorn lover. As someone who loves unicorn, this sweater features a majestic looking unicorn with the Christmas colors of red and green. You could even wear this before or after the Christmas season as it is perfect for the cold season. 

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Silver The Unicorn And The Christmas Fairies Story Book
Kids love Christmas and those who love unicorns would love this book. This book is marked as one of the best go to sleep book. This book is filled with Christmas tales, perfect for this season and is created to help anyone go to sleep. Beyond the paperback version, there is an audiobook version and kindle book. 

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Christmas santa unicorn stars duvet comforter cover queen size
This is one of our favorites in this list. This duvet comforter cover has a printed Christmas santa riding a unicorn. It is also reversible, with both sides having Christmas related print. This item is designed to be in one with your queen size bed and is super comfy that you might even stay in bed the whole Christmas day. After the Christmas season, this item can be cleaned easily using any washing machine.

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KEPATO Unicorn Christmas Tree Headband
The last item on this list is a unicorn headband. What so special with this one? This headband is perfect for anyone, for babies, children or even adult. It's design is perfect for Christmas yet it is also perfect for any other occasion like your friends parties or school/office dress ups. The headband also looks like fireworks, perfect for the new year celebration.

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Last Updated: Jun 01, 2019
Added: Dec 11, 2018