Unicorn Mouse Pad

Computer Gaming Mouse Pad Non-Slip Rubber Material Round Mouse Mat for Office and Home Laptop Desktop Mousepad (8 Inch) - Black White Unicorn Heart Dream Pink Diamond Blue

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Why you should get this unicorn?

  1. Like the unicorn horn, this pinpoint accuracy with this 8 inch diameter mouse pad allows for optimum speed and accurate control though it can't change the mouse's own accuracy and performance.
  2. Ultra-smooth Surface: Premium quality cloth, durable, smooth non-slip rubber material base that provides heavy grip preventing sliding or movement of mouse pad
  3. This giant, vibrant, artistic mouse pad is perfect for office or gaming!
  4. It is machine washable.
  5. Soft, upper finish comfortable for wrists and hands.

Product information

Product Group: Office Product
Condition: New
Color: Black White Unicorn Heart Dream Pink Diamond Blue

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Nov 21, 2020 $6.99
Sep 11, 2020 $8.99
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