Barbuzzo Unicorn Taco Holder

The Legendary Unicorn Taco Stand That Will Turn Taco Tuesday Magical - Holds 1 Taco

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  1. Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, a prince and a princess shared a taco on the back of the mystical Unicorn on Taco Tuesday. It is now known as the greatest love story ever told. Add the Unicorn Taco Holder to your castle today!
  2. Gallop triumphantly to the dinner table and devour tacos with elegance and flair with this adorable and collectible treasure that every Unicorn lover and enthusiast will surely adore.
  3. Bring back the magic to your next Taco Tuesday with the most mystical taco stand you will ever set your eyes on!
  4. You can use it for tacos, toasts, waffles, sandwiches and so much more. Spark your imagination at meal time by uniting your love of food and unicorns.
  5. Enchanted gifts for everyone that are looking to add a bit of whimsical fun to the dinner table.
  6. 100% FOOD-SAFE: Made with FDA approved materials that are 100% Food-Safe and BPA-Free. All our products are tested to ensure they meet or exceed current safety standards.
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Product information

Product Group: Kitchen
Condition: Used
Color: Pink
Item Weight: 0.4
Size: 8.5x2.25x6.75 Price History:

Dec 18, 2020 $12.04
Dec 17, 2020 $14.99
Dec 14, 2020 $12.04
Dec 13, 2020 $14.99
Dec 11, 2020 $12.04
Dec 10, 2020 $14.99
Dec 09, 2020 $11.89
Nov 21, 2020 $14.99
Aug 15, 2020 $14.97
Jul 11, 2020 $14.98