BigMouth Inc Inflatable Magical Unicorn Sprinkler

Ginormous Inflatable Yard Sprinkler, Stands Over 6 Feet Tall, Perfect for Summer Fun.

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Why you should get this unicorn?

  1. Beat the heat with an enjoyable way to cool off in summer in your own backyard.
  2. Ginormous Inflatable which stands over 6 feet tall, will create great fun for everyone.
  3. Made of PVC. Easy to set up, simple to use and safe for family.
  4. Must have on your next epic outdoor happening.
  5. Perfect entertainment to have on birthday parties, pool parties, BBQ parties, family reunions and more.

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Product information

Product Group: Toy
Condition: New
Color: Original Unicorn
Item Weight: 6.61386786
Size: Giant