SMOKO Light Up Unicorn Slippers

SMOKO Light Up Unicorn Squishy Plush Slippers designed with Pastel rainbow mane, a shimmering gold horn and round eyes, with Batteries Included

Why you should get this unicorn?
  1. Made with wipe clean material, extra cushion for enhanced comfort and coziness when worn. You will want to wear them all the time.
  2. Fascinating design that will make you show them off and take with you everywhere.
  3. Batteries included so you can revel in the light up unicorn sleepers right away. Battery packs are removable too.
  4. These will certainly add a little sparkle with every step you take.
Product information
Category Home
Brand Smoko
Color Kid Unicorn
Manufacturer Smoko
Package Dimensions 15.6 x 13.1 x 6.1 inches
Package Weight 0.77 pounds
Product Type Home bed and bath
Last Updated: Jun 30, 2019
Published on: Aug 13, 2018