SONGLIN Unicorn Silicone Tea Infuser

White Unicorn Silicone Loose Tea Bag Leaf Strainer or use as a Herbal Spice Filter Diffuser Tool

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  1. This tea infuser can be used for loose leaf tea in teapot or teacup. Great tool for mixing different flavor when you're making tea.
  2. Adorable pattern tea strainer will help you enjoy a more pleasant and enriched teatime everyday.
  3. Size: Length * width * height about 4.33*2.45*1.18in(11*6.2*3cm)
  4. The infuser is made from Food Grade, Non-Toxic silicone, which is soft, food-safe and tasteless, so it won't affect the taste of your tea.
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Product information

Product Group: Kitchen
Color: White
Manufacturer: SONGLIN
Size: 4.33*2.45*1.18in
Product Type: Kitchen Tools
EAN: 6081089056830